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"We remove the day-to-day stress associated with the development and delivery of construction projects."


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Development Management

Interested in property development, a new premises for your business or simply investing in property.  As your development manager we:

  • Develop your strategic plan and address your desired outcomes;
  • Find you a site or property;
  • Provide a Feasibility and Due Diligence Report;
  • Arrange Finance;
  • Negotiate the sale (or other commercial terms as appropriate);
  • Engage with Council and other Authorities;
  • Carry out Planning and Development Application Process;
  • Engage your Builder;
  • Re-locate your business (if required);
  • Arrange Sales;
  • Organise Strata title and lot consolidation
  • Provide all development approvals and certifications;
  • Handover the project or return on investment.

Project Management

We streamline the project management of your project using our proven systems and extensive experience.  Our end to end delivery process deals with some of the following key areas:

  • Develop the Project Plan, outlining your goals and KPI’s for the project;
  • Establish “governance” and procedures around your project;
  • Manage people and stakeholders;
  • Manage the project budget;
  • Manage scheduling and programming for the fastest possible delivery;
  • Engage and Co-ordinate your team of consultants;
  • Oversee the preparation of Development Application documents;
  • Represent your interests in contractual preparation and dealings;
  • Engage your contractor;
  • Systematically inspect the works and control defects;
  • Deal with day to day issues with the builder and administer the contract;
  • Oversees the quality completion of your building;
  • Deliver your project while you get on with your business.

Construction Management

Some projects can be complex and need to be delivered using multiple contractors who are required to interact concurrently on a single site.  At Signature PM our team has extensive construction experience in delivering projects such as exhibits and commercial and retail fitouts.  These types of projects require a high level of coordination and planning skills.  Our team understands the value of time and we plan, procure and assist you in the day to day delivery of your project.

Project Audits & Compliance

Many organisations need to be assured that their project is on track, meets the brief, risk has been assessed and aligns with your internal governance. At Signature PM we take pride in our staff, their experience and professionalism.  We will appoint the most suitably qualified industry expert to work with your organisation to identify problems and solutions.

Distressed Projects

The rate of insolvency is high, with nearly 2,000 builders filing for bankruptcy every year.  If you are in the unfortunate position that your builder has gone broke then we can help get your project back on track.  We are not insolvency practitioners but we work with the insolvency industry to manage distressed projects to completion.  Our team will typically:

  • Establish the projects current financial and programme status;
  • Re-negotiate terms with a new contractor or individual subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Monitor the project to completion.

Contractual Disputes

Legal disputes can be daunting, time consuming and expensive.  In most cases you will probably need to consult with Legal Counsel, however we can assist in ways that will save you time and money:

  • Review your dispute;
  • Provide expert opinion;
  • Brief Legal Counsel;
  • Manage correspondence;
  • Prepare written submissions;
  • Act on your behalf and be your ‘expert’ advisor.

Within our team we have senior consultants who regularly work in the Expert Determination, Adjudication and Expert Witness areas.  These consultants are industry experts and maintain their professional development through the Institute of Mediators and Arbitrators Australia.

Research, Training & Education

We enjoy imparting our years of experience to people and organisations.  Our consultants regularly do seminars, speak at industry events and prepare industry ‘white papers’, particularly in areas such as Program Planning, Collaborative Tools, Leadership, Governance, etc. We would be more than pleased to find out what topics might interest you?

Facilities Management



"We create competitive, cost-effective solutions; and promise every project a significantly competitive edge"


INDUSTRY SECTORS: Signature has an impressive pool of qualified, experienced and professional consultants.  What’s important is that we all believe in and share the same goals and objectives as our clients and have a full understanding of their specific market sector needs.  Have a look at our range of experience:


Corporate & Commercial Fit Out


  • Quality corporate offices;
  • Call centres;
  • High security premises;
  • Change management;

Community Housing


Years of experience in the Social Housing sector has provided us with the understanding of delivering social outcomes in a commercial environment.

Commercial Building

  • New commercial premises;
  • Upgrade or refurbish an existing premise.

Civil & Roads


  • Land subdivision
  • Roads
  • Services Infrastructure management



Working on Heritage buildings is a unique and privileged experience.  In a young country such as Australia it is necessary to preserve our Heritage. Our experience in Heritage buildings includes:

  • Incorporating new office fitout and technologies into existing buildings;
  • Understanding building techniques for rejuvenation
  • Upgrading heritage buildings to current code requirements, yet maintaining their unique fabric;
  • Adding floor space to existing buildings;
  • Dealing with Heritage authorities.

Exhibits and Tourism

We have had years of experience delivering exhibits for the museum, Zoo, and tourist attractions.  We understand the intricacy of designing exhibits to a unique theme, for specific animals and building and delivering within an existing public environment without impacting the day to day operations of the business. We have specific skills in:

  • Exhibit design and space planning;
  • Animal husbandry requirements;
  • Planting and Soils
  • Water reticulation, filtration, pumps;
  • Rock work;
  • Art;
  • Graphics;
  • Lighting.


Hospitality means being hospitable toward your clients.  We understand that your front-of-house and back-of-house need to function in synchronicity for your business to be successful.  We have experts in catering design and functional space who have run similar successful businesses and are keen to work with you and assist in achieving your project success.


Design & Construction of:

  • Primary and Secondary Schools;
  • Multi-purpose centres;
  • Student Accommodation;
  • Upgrades and Refurbishment.

Industrial Warehousing and Manufacturing

Warehouse and Manufacturing projects are defined by the operational requirements of the facility.  The movement and storage of different types of goods and products whether bulk, refrigerated and/or manufactured goods needs to be done in a safe and ergonomic environment.  We will work with your team to design and deliver the right facility for your operations.


Retail fitout and development has many intricacies, usually working in major shopping centres and dealing with “Centre” management and their specific design and delivery guidelines. We work with specialist retail shop fitters and joiners to make your vision a reality.


High rise, high density, medium density, student housing, boarding houses, group homes, low rise we have involved ourselves in the design and development of every type of residential and domestic project (See “Development Management” above).




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